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A better way to build a consistent and engaging interface for your customers!
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Start building enduring relationships with your customers over text messaging platforms using MessageGate C-commerce and MessageGate Bot.
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Run more effective targeted advertising campaigns with higher quality conversion signals from SignalSight.
Pioneering CAPI
SignalSight Smart CAPI Enabler improves accuracy and makes monitoring your conversions on websites and messaging platforms super easy.
  • No coding
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  • SaaS
  • Granular validation
  • Full funnel visibility
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Increase in Signals
Captured Lower Funnel Events
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ZZG Pixel-to-Server

Conversion API Integration

One of the pioneer in EMEA region. Lower-funnel event tracking with CAPI!

Conversational (C-)commerce is live!
A better way to build a consistent and engaging interface for your customers!
ZZG Whatsapp Integration

WhatsApp Integration

As a registered Facebook Independent Software Vendor, MessageGate not only provides chat-bot and omnichannel solutions but also WhatsApp Business API. Please click the link below to learn more about WhatsApp Business API.

MessageGate has different pricing options in order to meet various scenarios that your business model may need. Please contact us to know more about pricing options.


“MessageGate WhatsApp Login”, enables users to be able to log in platforms super easy and fast. Users just send a whatsapp message and nothing more is needed. Since login might be considered as one of the major barriers between websites and users,“MessageGate Whatsapp Login” helps to remove this barrier and increases conversion rates.

Auto Register follows the auto-login as a complementary feature. Thus users no longer have to fill registration forms.MessageGate transforms registration to dialog flow.

ZZG MessageGateMessageGate Whatsapp Login

Right Inline!

MessageGate Bot is more focused on purchasing experience on whatsapp rather than support topics, since support is an easy sub-cluster of the whole chat-bot experience.

ZZG Purchase Right Inline